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The most important questions at a glance

The most frequently asked questions about our company, products and brands are summarised here. Should the list of FAQs not cover your enquiry, please use our contact form to get in touch with us.

FAQ topics narrowed down:


What is the performance life of the battery?
You will find the capacity of the product in the offer description under the heading "Technical details". If you are unsure, please send an e-mail to the technical Customer Support team
Why won't the notebook battery charge even though it works in the device?
The battery is probably not recognised by the system as the original battery, so the hardware prevents the battery from being charged.
How long does the battery last without being charged?
This depends on the capacity (mAh) of the battery and its load. The more and more intensively you work with the device, or the lower the capacity of the battery is, the more frequently the battery will have to be charged.
Why is the delivered battery thicker than the original one?
This is most probably an extended battery. It has twice the capacity and is equipped with stronger cells, thus is slightly bigger in size. In some cases, a separate battery cover is also required and may even be included in the delivery - please check the individual offer to see if this is the case for your product.
What do I have to consider when charging the battery for the first time?
The battery should always be charged for the first time when the device is switched off. This gives the battery its full charging capacity. Whenever a battery is charged, no matter in which device, we recommend switching the device off while the battery charges. The order in which the power supply unit is plugged in is also important: always insert the plug of the power supply unit into the device first and then the power supply unit into the socket.

When the charging process is complete, work in reverse order: first remove the power supply unit from the socket and then remove the plug of the power supply unit from the device. Handling the devices in this way will prevent possible defects of the device or power supply unit from occuring due to overcharging.
This powerbank has two outputs: one 1A and one 2A. Can I charge my phone with both outputs?
Yes, both outputs can be used to charge your phone. The 1A output charges the phone battery at a slower rate than the 2A output. The phone will not be damaged if it is charged with the 2A output.


Is there a minimum order value for price groups?
Our minimum order value is 10 pieces.
Is it possible to buy on account?
A purchase on account is possible for customers who are already registered.
Who do I contact when looking for the right offer?
If you cannot find the right offer in our shop, please contact our b2b support directly.
Where can I register as a business customer in your shop and store my data?
Please register on the Registration page.


How can I check where my order / shipment is?
This depends on your chosen shipping method. If you have selected an insured shipment, you can use the stored shipment number to track the order. If you have chosen uninsured shipping, please contact our Customer Support for further information.
How can I change my delivery address?
You can only change this address if your order hasn't already been dispatched. Please change the delivery address in the processing software or via the online shop where you purchased the product. If you are still unsure on how to change your shipping address, please contact our Customer Support at any time.
How can I change my billing address?
To avoid sending or billing problems, it is important to carefully fill in the delivery and billing address. Should you still need to make any subsequent changes after receiving the invoice, our Customer Support will be happy to help you.

After the purchase

Why don't you offer telephone support?
We do not offer telephone support because we want to take time for our customers and their wishes - this is not always possible on the phone. We do not use a call centre, but answer any support requests within our company.

Based on our many years of experience in online retail, we have found that our customer service is so successful because we take the time to carefully examine the customer's enquiry and, if necessary, consult with other departments.

Despite needing slightly longer to process your enquiries, we almost always find an immediate solution! Finding such a quick solution would simply not be possible if done over the phone.
How do I receive my invoice?
Your invoice will be sent automatically by e-mail as soon as the shipment has left our premises.
Can my invoice be resent to me?
In theory, this is possible if you contact Customer Support. However, we would first ask you to search the e-mail inbox of the address you provided with your purchase just in case the invoice accidentally landed in the spam folder.
Is it possible to issue an invoice without VAT?
In the case of deliveries to the EU, the invoices are provided with a national tax number so that handling and use is the same as for a domestic invoice. It is therefore not necessary to issue an invoice without VAT, but this can be requested from Customer Support for countries outside the EU.
How do I get a review?
You will receive a rating on eBay after submitting your review of our service. If you were not satisfied with our services or products, please contact our Customer Support before submitting a negative review so that we have the opportunity to resolve the issue for you.
How do I remove a review?
As it is unfortunately becoming more and more difficult for you as a customer to withdraw a review on individual platforms, we ask that you be confident with the review before submitting it. If you were not satisfied with our services or products, please contact our Customer Support immediately.

Depending on your sales platform, a reimbursement can be made to your account (follow the instructions of the Customer Support there) or your rating overview.

If you are unsure of anything, we will be happy to help you - just contact our Customer Support
Will I receive a shipping confirmation?
If the platform (e.g. Amazon) does not directly display this shipping information, you will receive an e-mail from us as soon as your order has left our premises.
Where can I find suitable information, such as bank details, about the payment methods?
You will find information on bank details and payment methods directly in the checkout process at the end of your purchase.


How can I return an item that was wrongly delivered?
You can return the item to us within the cancellation period of 30 days after receipt. Please contact our customer service, who will send you instructions on how to return your item.

Please enclose the return slip for the correct assignment of your cancellation. The cancellation form can be found here.
How long is the period for a purchase cancellation?
We guarantee a cancellation period of 30 days after receipt.
Who should I contact if my item is defective?
'Should you find that the product purchased does not work properly, please send an email to the Customer Support with a description of the fault and, if the fault is visible, attach a photo of the defect. We will decide together with you how to proceed on the basis of the error description.
Do I have guarantee on my purchase?
We offer a legal warranty of two years with the purchase of each item.
My purchase does not fit into my device - what do I do now?
'Please check the item description in the online offer to see whether you ordered the correct item for your device or whether the wrong item was purchased. If you have purchased a compatible product, please check whether you want to use the item in the way described.
The product I received is different to how it was described online - what do I do now?
Despite a thorough inspection of our products before they are dispatched, sometimes this can happen (albeit rarely). In order to find a solution, we ask you to please send our Customer Support an email with the following details:
  • Photo of the article
  • What exactly you intend to use the article for
  • If applicable, a description of the end-device
  • The article identification number, printed on the packaging (format example: OP3-G-45)
Can I decide for myself whether I receive a refund or a new delivery in the event of a complaint?
We will always take your wishes into consideration when processing your complaint. In principle, we distinguish between withdrawal and complaint. In the case of a cancellation, you will receive a refund. In the case of a complaint, we will replace the item and send you a new one.

Before buying

How do I find out which item is right for my device?
If you are looking for a specific item, please pay close attention to the descriptions of our offers. Please also make sure that the device you will use the product in is listed in the description of the offer. If you are unsure, the technical Customer Support will be happy to help you via e-mail.
How do I find the right offer for the desired product?
The best way to find the right article is to search for the original identification number of the end device or article. If your search is unsuccessful, feel free to contact our Customer Support.
Which payment methods can I choose?
In our shop electropapa.com you can pay via:

1) Advance payment to a German bank account by bank transfer
2) Paypal
3) Immediate transfer
4) Debit card
5) Credit card
6) Invoice / on account
How can I change a payment method?
Please select the payment method during checkout. If a payment has already been ordered (e.g. credit card), you can no longer change the payment method. If in doubt, please contact our Customer Support .
Is it possible to purchase on invoice / account?
Yes, you can buy by invoice via our own shop electropapa.com.
Does the return shipping cost anything or can I return free of charge?
If returning upon complaint, we will of course cover the shipping costs and send you a return label. Please contact the Customer Supportfor an assessment of the details.